How much do coaches cost to hire?

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We find that most customers are trying to get the best price my asking for lots of companies for a quote.

Asking lots of different companies for a quote doesn’t guarantee you the cheapest price for your coach hire. Why? Because you probably aren’t asking the right questions. 

A new coach can cost in excess of £250000 when you add in insurance,  drivers wages and diesel the cost of keeping a high quality coach on the road can be eye watering.

1. The quickest way to secure a lower price is to think about the time of the day you are travelling? Coaches are normally busiest between 07:00 and 09:00 and 15:00 and 17:00. If you can travel outside these times you will be sharing costs with people travelling during these times. Could you tweak your times slightly to avoid these times?

2. Are you using all the seats on your coach? If you are a party of 30 you are probably paying for 49 seats. Could you share the coach with others going to the same destination? Maybe speak to another local school/group or ask Nottingham Coaches to advertise your spare seats on its site.

3. Consider the time of year you are travelling. Everyone wants to travel in the Summer, but everyone travelling translates to higher prices. Could your trip take place outside the busy months of May to July.

If you use these tips you can hire a coach for a local trip from as little as £2 per person. That’s cheaper than getting a local bus, and you can visit wherever you want.

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