3 Things You Didn't Know About Riding The Bus

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riding the bus

Do you live in a bustling city and are thinking about other modes of transportation?

You’re not alone.

More and more people are making the switch to public transportation and they are genuinely enjoying their decision.

This week I went out and talked to some people getting off their bus and I wanted to know why they decided to ride the bus rather than driving themselves.

I’m currently in the Grand Canyon in the States taking a holiday when I noticed everyone using the bus. I took a lot of information away from my conversations with each person, but in a nutshell, here’s what each of them said.

#1 - It Forms A Community Style Bond

Surprisingly, almost every person who got off their bus explained how they consistently ride public transportation in their home town.

It’s a way of life.

A community of people who are both welcoming and fun! Who wouldn’t want to be included in such an engaging community?

Each person, even though they had been riding for hours, was happy, refreshed, and very excited to talk to me. As they climbed down out of the bus I could tell that even though they got on as strangers, they got off as friends.

That’s exactly the way the bus lines and coach hires are at Nottingham Coaches. It’s natural to welcome people to our community.

#2 - It Will Relax You

Have you ever had to make a long trip in your car?

If so, then you already understand how stressful it can be. A 12 hour drive will create a lot of negative emotions, leaving you drained and useless when you arrive at your destination.

When you ride the bus, you can rest assured when you arrive you will be relaxed and happy. As each person jumped off the bus today, it was as if they had just got on.

Stop worrying about the speed limit, driving in bad weather, or whatever else it is you hate about long drives and step into a luxurious atmosphere which transforms your state of mind from insane to joyful...ok it may not be that drastic but it’s definitely not what it is when you drive yourself.

#3 - You Can Create Your Own Route

Most people don’t know you can create your own bus route. Wherever you want to go.

With Nottingham Coaches, we have supplied the Smart Commute for people who need short trips like going to and from work or school.

This is handy because we want to go where you want to go. Smart Commute can help your next travel plans or even daily plans for commuting.

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