Top 10 Days Out by Coach 1-5

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#5 - Bluebells at Kew Gardens

There are thousands of colors waiting for you at Kew Gardens. One of the most beautiful places you will ever step foot on, this is the right destination for you are your perfect love. A darling romantic setting will create the mood that will show them how much you care about being with them.

Don’t have that perfect someone? That’s okay as well, because this beauty is for everyone to behold. You will be astonished at all of the vibrant colors and beautiful landscape that surrounds you when you visit these lovely gardens.

#4 - Kensington Palace

Take a day out to see one of the Royal Family’s current residences. You will be amazed at the fine luxury and history this quaint but glorious cathedral-like home has to offer all of your five senses.

The birthplace and residence of Queen Victoria, Kensington has been in the family since 1760, and still remains one of the favourite homes of the Royal Family. Currently residing there is Prince George and Princess Charlotte. Come see one of England’s finest homes and gardens and relax with your family as you bask in this glorious atmosphere surrounding the Palace. Kensington will quickly become your favourite place too.

#3 - Natural History Museum

Would you like a day of guaranteed fun for the whole family? Then look no further than the Natural History Museum of London. The museum is home to life and earth science specimens comprising of some 80 million items.

Do you have a spouse or child who loves dinosaurs? Plan your day trip right now because the Natural History Museum has one of the world’s largest collection of dinosaur skeletons on display.

Visit the Darwin Centre where you can gaze upon millions of preserved specimens, the Attenborough Studio which provides a multimedia environment for educational events, be amazed at Whale Hall, and don’t forget to go visit the either meter giant squid which was taken alive in a fishing net near the Falkland Islands.

The Natural History Museum is a day trip you can never go wrong with. Fun for the whole family and tons of things to keep you occupied with.

#2 - The Making of Harry Potter: Warner Bro’s Studio Tour

Who doesn’t love Harry Potter? Whether you are secretly a fan, or you have kids who go bananas for the show, the whole family will leave donning their new wands and shouting Expelliarmus at people passing by. You just can’t help it.

Get sucked into the magic with this amazing day trip and get an insider’s look at how Warner Bro’s London takes you on a magical journey into Hogwart’s Castle. Visit the Great Hall, Dumbledore’s office, Hagrid’s hut, and many more iconic locations set in the movie series.

This truly is a spell-binding trip in which your family will have a great time experiencing together. Come see these treasure troves left behind by cast and film crew and make a great memory with your family.

#1 - London

There are so many different things you can do in the city of London which is why we make this day trip our number one idea on this list. See Buckingham Palace, visit the Tower of London, take the perfect picture with Big Ben, float down the river Thames and under London Bridge, or simply relax in Westminster Abbey. And these are just some of the enjoyable activities you can do together. There’s countless more waiting! There are so many viable options for you and your family to enjoy while out and about in the bustling, exciting city of London. Filled with rich history and vigor, you can never go wrong with a day trip to this luxurious city.

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