Getting to School from September.

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The Department for Education (DfE) released guidance on 2 July concerning the reopening of schools in England in September

At Nottingham Coaches we will assess the impact on our services and release updated guidance for our passengers to ensure our services remain Covid -19 secure from September.

Notably the guidance highlights that social distancing will not be mandatory on dedicated services from the autumn term. That is because users do not mix with the general public and “tend to be consistent,” the guidance says. However we will continue to observe social distancing where possible.

The guidance also highlights that capacity on public bus services is likely to remain constrained during the Autumn which may impact childrens journeys to school.

Where children travel on public transport we are exploring options to support these children in getting to school by providing dedicated school buses. If you feel a dedicated school service may be required please contact us at or request a new school route here



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